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Awards & Accolates

About Awards & Accolades

NOTE: Due to a large no. of awards¬ & commendations, it may take a while to load up this page.

It is always heartening to receive compliments, awards and accolades. they give invaluable feedback and is a form of encouragement:)

Along with the normal Web awards, we've been recognized in dozens of publications¬ both on and off the web plus lots of individual feedbacks!

Cecil Lee

Featured on Yahoo!'s Picks of the Week (6-23-97)

Ever get stressed out, anxious,¬ panicky? Perhaps your life lacks balance. We recommend a trip to Fun¬ with Feng Shui !. In Chinese, the words Feng Shui mean wind and¬ water, and today, Feng Shui has "evolved into a refined art used to enhance luck and well-being through the modifications of layout¬ and orientation of work-places and homes." The aim of Feng Shui is to become harmonious with the natural order of things. Learn about the Yin and Yang, the Five Elements, and Qi (Dragon's Breath),¬ or energy force. Also discover the most cosmically appropriate layout of your living room, toilet, walls, and Bedroom. Regarding this last, positioning your bed to face the door or lie beneath an exposed beam is not harmonious. Similarly, putting your refrigerator in the bathroom will create bad vibes with the Health Department. Onwards.

June 23, 1997

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American OnLine - AOL Editorial Review

AOL Editor's Review

Meaning "the wind and the water" in¬ Chinese, Feng Shui strives to create deep harmony within the workplace or home through the arrangement of furniture and space. At¬ Fun with Feng Shui !, users can learn how to appreciate their¬ surrounding landscapes, assess a potential building site, and¬ evaluate their current home or work area. Other highlights here¬ include Advanced Feng Shui and Using the Oracle.

Jun, 1998

Excite's Website Review on 16 October 1997

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The Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal

Looking to increase the Chi or power from your home or office? Feng Shui may be just what you are looking for. East Meets Nest by Hearst Corporation and Fun With Feng Shui are two sites that have information about Feng Shui and examples on¬ how to arrange your furnishings to best fit the room to maximize Chi.

11 June 1998

Thanks, Sharon of¬ Asian Business News!

Wishing you every success in ABN and all your endeavours!

June, 1997

Asia Business News

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Best of Asia Pacific Award by Editorial Board¬ of Singapore Internet Community

October, 1997

Site of the Month by The Living Natural World

Our editorial staff have researched the net and¬ our links feature 'Feng Shui Made Easy' by Cecil Lee which is an excellent easy to read breakdown of the basics from origination¬ through to application in homes or offices which many will find to be¬ a good starting point.

May 1998

Living World

Netguide Logo

Featured in Netguide, Women's Guide

Using Feng Shui when designing a home can be a fascinating project. A great website that can aid in this process is¬ the Fun with Feng Shui ! site. This site breaks down everything from viewing the landscape to surveying your home, then goes into a tep-by-step guide to evaluating your home for optimal Feng Shui characteristics.

Start with understanding the Eight Types of Houses. Then get your floor plan and try to find the center of your house-to-be. Another interesting feature of the Fun with Feng Shui ! site is a place where you can superimpose the house¬ template that is right for you over your own layout plan; then you can interpret intangible forces that will affect your home as you have designed it and more!

February 19, 1998

Rated Hot! (Top 2%) by Rated Top 2%
International Real Estate Digest

February 1998

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WebsiteStory's Picks of The Week 12/5/1997

Check out this site to see if you are getting the¬ most out of your surroundings. Feng Shui has evolved into a refined¬ art used to enhance luck and well-being through the modifications of layout and orientation of work-places and homes. The aim of Feng Shui is to get complete harmony and a deep sensitivity with the natural order. Additional topics at this site include Chinese astrology and horoscopes.

January 14, 1998

Lillian Too's World of Feng Shui

Website of the Month

A terrific website which is good fun for all the¬ family. Visually pleasing, but also contains lots of useful info on¬ Chinese Astrology and Animal Signs. If you were a dog, what would¬ your best match be? What are the prominent characteristics of your¬ new love interest?

Feb 1999


Cool Stuff


Make Your Favourite Site a Star Site;

July 01, 1997

Cool Cat Award

October, 1997

Cool Cat

Fun Family

Featured in Family PC Fun

October, 1997

People's Choice Website 500

23 June 1998

Cyber Teddy

Top Five Web Sites

Free and thorough guide to the principles of Feng Shui, the art of placement that can make your home feel better with¬ little or no investment. Easy to use and understand and very interesting.

Ravi's Pick: Elite Site Award

28 June 1998

Ravi's Pick


Pemail's Innovation Award

28 May 1998

Reviewed by

One of the largest collections of Feng Shui¬ Principles, Theories, Practices, Articles and more. Includes many¬ computerized Online Feng Shui modules and the Wind and Water Ring.¬ The Wind & Water Ring is a Ring for Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology/Divinity & Feng Shui Related Sites.


Cyber Teddy

Yin & Yang

University of Redlands, California

Fun with Feng Shui ! - Cecil Lee's introduction to¬ the Chinese art of geomancy: the Lo Shu square, yin-yang principles,¬ the 5 elements, the 8 Trigrams

Fortress of Solitude Award

26 May 1998



Environmental Links!

Fun with Feng Shui ! - an excellent comprehensive Feng Shui site.

Mush Net

28 May 1998


Snin Award

SNIN award

28 May 1998

Foreign Language Learning Centre of Southern Methodist University

Cecil Lee's site, Fun with Feng Shui ! (Feng Shui is the traditional Chinese metaphysical system) is informative and fun to explore, though it is very much a personal matter as to how much you would like to believe in what it says. Mr. Lee's explanation¬ on the Lo Shu Square, Yin and Yang, the Five Elements, the Eight Trigrams, and "Qi" (Energy Force) gives a good insight into traditional Chinese thinking, and you wouldn't want to miss the fun¬ to find out if, for example, the surroundings of your house are¬ considered favorable or unfavorable.

Language Award

Starting Page Award

Starting Page

Top 2000 Selection

27 May 1999

This offers a large collection of feng shui¬ resources, including principles, theories, practices, articles and¬ more. It also offers DIY modules. Note, this isn't homes and gardens¬ monthly - you have to do the homework.

For the record, and in blatant contradiction to the above caveat, I extracted these three nuggets from the "office section": Do not place a desk in front of the door; Do not place a table with a door behind it; the CEO's desk should be located at a place where there is a "solid" wall behind him/her and there can be no movement behind him/her, for example, a¬ passage way.

19 October 1998



Studyweb award has been selected as one of the Net's¬ finest informative and is included in StudyWebTM 's listing of¬ educational links.

StudyWeb is one of the Internet's premier sites¬ for educational resources for students and teachers. Since 1996, our¬ expert reviewers have scoured the Internet to select only the finest sites to be included in StudyWebTM 's listing of educational links.¬ Our reviews have been featured on Webcrawler Select, The Lycos Top 5%, Education World and many others, and StudyWebTM updates are provided to media and educational resources around the world.

The Feng Shui Shop

"We continually get asked for¬ information on Feng Shui, and whilst we decided long ago to be 'shop¬ only' for feng shui enhancers with basic information, we asked around¬ through a mailshot of forum members who people thought was best. Forum members suggested many sites, but was suggested¬ most, and was not only found to be the most comprehensive, all the¬ content was actually correct! (not so on some other sites!). We now forward all Feng Shui research and general information enquiries to this site. Thoroughly recommended! RED HOT award winner."

April 1999



June, 1998 Number 30

Cosmic Site of the Nite Award

A complete and well-organized¬ review of Feng Shui, the Chinese art of geomancy. Includes an¬ introduction, a look at the site and the home, a survey of your home¬ and advanced Feng Shui information.

February 1998



Golden Dragon Awards: Click and Go

Undergraduate Center Resources

Under Philosopy/Ethics Resources

The New¬ English Insurance Network

Fun with Feng Shui ! - Chinese art that's used to¬ enhance luck and well-being through the alterations of layout and¬ orientation of work-places and homes. Great Stuff! If your building a¬ house a must see!

Askesis Internet Service Provider - Italy

Links Under `Salute'

Oklahoma State University - OKmulgee

Site in the Limelight for August 1997:-

Fun with Feng Shui ! - explains the Chinese art¬ that aims for complete harmony and a deep sensitivity with the natural order. The words Feng Shui in Chinese mean the wind and the¬ water. The Chinese have long observed that some surroundings are better then others, and for centuries they have used geomancy to improve the quality of life.

The Mining Compancy Healing Guide

A comprehensive & interactive. Packed full of¬ information,charts, etc.

The Importance of Five Elements - Feng Shui¬ revolves around the understanding of the importance of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

Paul Lam's Feng Shui

Fun with Feng Shui ! - Best of Asia Award. Lots of colourful pictures. Feng Shui theory about both interior design and individual destiny. Recommended.

What's Your Sign

Fun with Feng Shui ! - The site's name speaks for¬ itself. If you are a beginner to Feng Shui, then you should visit¬ this site. It offers very basic information about what Feng Shui is all about. The are sections on The Lo Shu Square, Yin and Yang Principles, The Five Elements, the Chinese Calendar, The Eight¬ Trigrams and Chi.

Voice of Reason

Awarded "Reasonable Site of the Week" -¬ June 23, 1997

WebPointers Online: "Feng Shui for Dummies"

For a simpler take on the whole process, try "Fun with Feng Shui !" by Cecil Lee. I'm sure Master Yu¬ would not approve of the simplistic site, with it's goofy illustrations, but it is rather fun. At least it explains the basics¬ so you

come away with a vague idea of what everyone is¬ talking about. The site is divided up into short, fairly simple linked explanations. It's here that I discovered that I'd have to¬ rearrange my office. You see, good and bad energy enters the house from various directions, and the flow is different for different¬ people, depending on when they were born. You can print out templates¬ of the energy flow for each member of your family and superimpose¬ them on a drawing of your house. (In the case of conflicts, the primary breadwinner wins.)

You can read brief descriptions of the flying¬ tortoise, the eight types of houses theory, how to survey your home, the importance of landscape to the flow of chi, and a great deal more. Though this site is "simpler" than Feng Shui for Dummies, it still takes a good deal of concentration. It is fairly¬ user-friendly, but I got lost a lot until I discovered the¬ alphabetical Site Index.


Fun with Feng Shui ! - An in depth look into the mysteries of the ancient art of Feng Shui.

Real Estate Help

"The Best of Real Estate Links"

Five Elements Martial Arts

Fun with Feng Shui ! - A really fabulous site, graphics are well done. Helps you Feng Shiu your home.

And we would like to thank the many others which we had not updated into this page.

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